December 29th 2013

Toni Bruna at San Silvestro Church

Basilica di S. Silvestro,
Androna dei Grigioni,


12 € *

*For security reasons (!) just 100 persons can stay in the church at same time so you have to book your ticket sanding an email with your name at:
You'll receive a feedback as soon as possible.

The entrance is free for children under the age of 13.

Hope to see you there.

December 24th 2013

I'm wondering why to have a web site if I give our tour dates after they have already been.
Anyway, these are the places where we have been:

November 5th 2013 Padova, Italy - Radio Blu
November 14th 2013 Roma, Italy - 2n
November 15th 2013 Cassino, Italy - Nuove Officine Generali
November 16th 2013 San Gemini, Italy - Bar Il Dopolavoro
November 17th 2013 Roma, Italy - Rai 2, Wakeup Revolution
November 18th 2013 San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy - Monfleurie

December 12th 2013 Vigevano, Italy - Teeria Passaggi di Tempo
December 13th 2013 Milano, Italy - La Scighera
December 14th 2013 Parma, Italy - Osteria da Virgilio
December 15th 2013 Pisa, Italy - Teatro Rossi Aperto
December 21st 2013 Torino, Italy - El Barrio

September 5th 2013

A long time has passed from the last time I wrote something on this web site.
Lots of thing happened, good things, bad things, most of them where good I have to say.

Niegazowana is a label from Vigevano, Italy and they offically released Formigole in april 2013, this theorically means we are more professional now, we have a label, people are talking about us on the news papers, you could hear Toni Bruna on the radios. This doesn't pay the rent but makes me feel good in some way.

Here you can read what they wrote about us.

In this time we've been touring a lot, we sow a lot of places, met a lot of people, ate, drunk, breth new things.

We temporarely lost some friends and musicians like Andrej Pavatich and Massimo Tunin along the way as others joined the group: Raffaele Podgornik on percussions and Jan Sedmak (yes him, the grafic designer!) on clarinet.

It's not fun to be here writing I prefer to do other things so I'll quit in a while hoping to see you somewhere out there and talk in person.

Autumn 2013 will hopfully bring us a lot of concerts around Europe but right now we don't know enything yet, if you want to be updated about what's going on with us just connect to the Facebook page. I don't like it but it works pretty well for this kind of things.

That's all, živijo!

This is more or less what we've been doing :

June 6th 2013 Izola, Slovenija - Kino Otok
June 1st 2013 Roma, Italia - Forte Fanfulla
Maj 31st 2013 Roma, Italia - Forte Fanfulla
Maj 30th 2013 Roma, Italia - Angelo MaiMaj 29th 2013 Trieste, Italia - Palazzo Gopcevich
Maj 25th 2013 Mestre, Italia - Radio Base
Maj 24th 2013 Milano, Italia - House Concert
Maj 23rd 2013 Verona, Italia - Bellon's Pub
April 18th 2013 Bologna, Italia - Radio Cittá del Capo
April 12th 2013 Milano, Italia - Radio Popolare/Auditorium Demetrio Stratos
March 11th 2013 Venezia, Italia - Paradiso PerdutoFebruary 28th 2013 Ljubljana, Slovenija - Metelkova/Gromka

December 26th 2012

Hello everybody, here we are again!
We were waiting for the end of the world but something went wrong and we're still here and ready to go on tour.
If you are in Trento, Bergamo, Milano, Torino or Barcelona and you want to come and hear now you know how to do it.

January 6th 2013 Trento, Accademia 9.30 pm
January 8th 2013 Bergamo, Circolo Maite 7.30 pm
January 10th 2013 Milano, La Scighera 7.30 pm
January 12th 2013 Torino, Blah Blah 10.30 pm
January 17th 2013 Barcelona, Tinta Roja 8.30 pm

Here you have also a beautiful flyer designed by Jan Sedmak.

September 1st 2012

Live at Luna's, Sacramento CA.

August 29th 2012

Live on Insight- Capital Pubblic Radio.
From 10.45 alle 11.00 AM.

August 4th 2012

Concert at the Red Poppy Art House of San Francisco, CA.
This is the place: Red Poppy Art House

June 28th 2012

It seems they broadcast the session we recorded at the Italian National Radio (RAI). It was a good session in a beautiful old fashioned studio, we really enjoyed it. A shame to see a beautiful recording and broadcasting studio, equiped with class A gears, in which could fit a small orchestra, left almost without use and nearly abbandoned.
The show was “Jazz e dintorni” led by Piero Pieri.

It’s impossible to hear the recording because by contract RAI owns the copyright and we found no trace of any podcast on their official web site.
Ther's another funny detail: they told me they lost the the audio file of the interview!!!
This is how we do it in Italy!
Please tell what do you think about it, write at the same old address:

We do have photos by Ivan Doglia.

June 2nd 2012

We’ve been performing at the Isolacinema Film Festival in Isola/Izola Slovenija.
We played a couple of songs before the movie “Io sono Li” by italian director Andrea Segre.
They seemed to be happy and we too.

May 18th 2012

The Zibaldone Radio Experience, out now!
Steven Forti and the people at Radio Contrabanda published this compilation of songs from many musicians that played at the independent radio station.
Why am I talking about it?
Because there’s a version of Baiamonti in it!

They’re also playing it on the Spanish National Radio (RNE).
Check it out, min. 35.40 here.

May 1st 2012

We headlined the annual celebration concerts of May 1st in Brisciki/Borgo Grotta, Trieste.
I cannot really tell you more than this, you should have been there
It was just crazy!

April 27th 2012

We performed at the “In Orbita Night Party” with Stefano Edda.
In Orbita is a show by Ricky and Elisa Russo broadcast from Radiocapodistria.

April 7th 2012

The people at Sentieri Sonori declared “Formigole” the revelation album of 2011!
Thanks guys.

April 6th 2012

We’ve been playing in the livingroom of Rajko Pertot and his family in Ljubljana, Slovenija.
An amazing night.
Wonderful people.
It was almost like this: click.
This is what they say about the performance if you can read slovenian and if you can't we're going to translate it as soon as possible: click.

March 23rd 2012

Solo al Round Midnight.
That means: alone at the Round Midnight.
Wonderful audience, beautiful night.

January 6th 2012

As this will be the last year for all of us, we have to live it up. If you can you should try not to work, nor getting angry or driving cars, you should eat good food, stare at some sunsets and come to see us in Barcelona from the 22nd to the 25th of January. We will be there for a couples of gigs.

So Le cucine Mandarosso is in Calle Verdaguer i Callis 4 (Palau de la Música),
metro Urquinaona (L1, L4)
And Bar Pastis is in Calle Santa Monica 4, metro Dressanes

December 24th 2011

The guys from Sentieri Sonori-Radio Ara say Formigole is one of their favourite albums of the year 2011. If you're curious about that click here precisely on the minute 41.19 you'll have the proof I'm telling the truth.

December 18th 2011

We went Alben Banji, Massimin and I to meet Filo and Cler, the nice radio hosts of "Make up" at Radio Fragola. We had fun, if you want to check it out volià.

December 13th 2011

Gianfranco Franchi writes about Formigole on Lankelot and on Tiscali.
What can I say? Nothing but thank you, and thank you again.

November 23rd 2011

So here we go with the "Sshh night", it seems a good idea even if I can't really understand why every party, club, band, new company in Trieste has an English name.

The idea is simple but revolutionary at the same time: go to a gig just to listen to the band playing!

If you want to come to chat with your friends at the bar, please stay home.
I'll be there with Massimin and there will also be this girls from Reykjavic Pascal Pinon
You could also build match boxes.

Where? at the Etnoblog.

November 22nd 2011

For all of you, but above all for those who thought toni bruna could appear on a newspaper just on the crime section: here you are.

November 12th 2011

Here you have the link to listen at the Radio Capodistria live.

November 11th 2011

Check this date: 11-11-11 at 11pm the rerun of In Orbita Live.
Also avaible in streaming very soon.

November 9th 2011

Radio Capodistria In Orbita Live.
We recorded some songs and a short interview at the wonderful Hendrix Studios in Capodistria. It was me, Andrej and Massimin.
It will be broadcasted on Radio Capodistria, starting at 6pm.

November 3th 2011

Formigole Tour, we have the pictures!
Thanks once again for coming.
Take a look in the photos section.

September 11th 2011

Toni Bruna live at Bar Pastis, one of the oldest, dirtyest, freakyest bar in Barcelona.
The owner Josè Angel de la Villa was behind the bar mixing drinks and mixing audio too!
Drinks where better than audio but the atmosphere was very nice anyway.

September 9th 2011

I was invited at Radio Contrabanda in Barcelona, the show was Zibaldone, cleverly lead by Steven Forti.
I played some song live accompained by Maestro Riccardo Massari Spiritini on Micro Korg and we had a nice chat about official lenguage and dialect.
Radio Contrabanda is a free radio broadcasting in the Barcelona metropolitan area from the fifth floor of an old building in Plaza Real.

You can find the podcast here.
A short movie here.
And some wonderful pictures here.

August 29th 2011

Guest of Barbara Urizzi in an inflable radio studio in Capodistria.
We talk a little, listened few track from the album than I played something while I was eating pizza.
Radio Capodistria the name of the radio, La Radio Fuori the name of the show.

Agoust 21st 2011

In Orbita! Here we go!
Chatting with Ricky Russo, Ettore Schimtz, Formigole crowling on the floor.


Agoust 20th 2011

Hereyou'll find a really nice review by Andrea Rodriguez about Formigole the album.

July 1st 2011

Saturday July the 9th we're asking ourself again: "Trieste Dormi?". (Is Trieste sleeping?)
This is the second edition of the beautiful independent festival for singer-songwriter and poets in Triestin dialect.

June 21st 2011

You can find "Formigole" the album at Knulp, via Madonna del Mare 7/A and at the bookstore In der Tat, via Diaz 22 a Trieste.

June 11th 2011

Toni Bruna and Stefano Schiraldi play together at "Circolo Stella" (Soto Longera, Trieste).

June 3rd 2011.

The second video "iazo" from "Triologia Carsica" is avaible on youtube. Click here.

May 28th 2011.

The first part of the Formigole tour ended with a great concert at the Ausonia, Trieste. We really want to thank everyone for supporting us along the way.

May 22nd 2011.

The first video "Elvino" from "Triologia Carsica" is avaible on youtube. Click here.

May 20th 2011.

New record out now! Here you are!